MIAMI – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Commercial Direct, a new division of Silver Hill Funding, a commercial mortgage lender and a subsidiary of Bayview Asset Management, today announced its official launch to support fast and flexible lending with a loan customization tool in one-of-a-kind line for mortgage companies. Competitive loans are adaptable to the individual needs of small business owners and real estate investors, allowing borrowers to customize terms such as fixed rate periods, prepayments, interest rates, and payment dates, all in one. easy to use online application at www.

This new alternative direct lending model is designed to give investors control over the constitution of their own commercial mortgages. As part of the expedited application process, personalized terms are calculated to allow borrowers to select their ideal solutions and be prequalified in minutes.

Commercial Direct, which finances commercial properties, residential condominiums, single-family homes and plexes of two to four units starting at $ 250,000 and up to $ 5 million with a loan-to-value ratio of 80%, s’ draws on the experience of the Silver Hill management team. who have financed more than 20,000 transactions.

“We created Commercial Direct because in today’s competitive, digital world, small business owners and investors are wired for high speeds and need fast, flexible lending solutions to move their businesses forward.” said Leslie Smith, Managing Director of Commercial Direct and Silver Hill. “We enable new and experienced borrowers to make quick, informed decisions and close their loans in weeks, unlike the months of processing often encountered with traditional bank mortgages. ”

As a direct lender, Commercial Direct eliminates the need to work with multiple entities to secure and manage their loans and thus eliminates third party and hidden fees. Commercial Direct’s streamlined financing process provides pre-approvals in minutes, while dedicated loan specialists throughout the underwriting process ensure loans are closed within 30 days or less.

Commercial Direct expects it to be easier for entrepreneurs to invest in their businesses and for investors to launch new and expanded portfolios.

About Commercial Direct

Commercial Direct is a division of Silver Hill Funding, LLC, a direct commercial mortgage lender that provides investors and small business owners with customizable commercial mortgages tailored to their unique needs. Commercial Direct’s online loan customizer allows borrowers to adjust many aspects of their loans to finance commercial real estate or multi-unit properties starting at $ 250,000. More information and Commercial Direct’s online mortgages are available at

About Silver Hill Funding, LLC

Silver Hill Funding, LLC, a subsidiary of Bayview Asset Management, LLC, is a national low-balance commercial mortgage lender providing financing of $ 250,000 to $ 5 million on commercial real estate, including multi-family, mixed-use, office, retail, light industry, auto-types of warehousing, warehouse, automotive, mobile home park and daycare properties. Together with its partners, Silver Hill Funding provides competitive and flexible lending solutions that help small business owners and investors finance the opportunities that boost the financial strength and quality of life of their communities. Visit or call 888-988-8843 for a license and more information.